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Speed, comfort and safety


  This model is notable for its high-set wing which simplifies getting into the cockpit and substantially improves observability. This aircraft is a perfect solution for training flights, air tourism and recreation. When supplied with different additional on-board equipment it can also be employed for a number of other purposes.

  High wing design makes boarding convenient and improves observability from the cockpit. Modular structure of the aircraft allows us to introduce modifications meeting any customer’s requirements.


ELITAR - 202

  It is a stylish two-seater aircraft made of composite materials. Side-by-side seats arrangement and dual controls ensure maximum convenience during flights.

  Aircraft cockpit provides an excellent field of view. Landing gear design with nose steerable wheel allows to achieve stability during takeoff acceleration. Main wheels are equipped with effective hydraulic brakes.

  The aircraft can be easily rigged and de-rigged, towed by car and kept in an ordinary garage.